Donor Board

Comunidad Gran Stupa Bon

In a spirit of openness and community, we show here the people who are united in their intention and willingness to help fulfill the final vision of Chamma Ling Retreat Center and Great Bön Stupa, for the benefit of all beings and for the preservation and expansion of these precious teachings.

Although we do not show the amount each person donates, we do show the names of those who donate, in order to create a sense of unity and to generate inspiration and motivation for all.

Here is our Board of Donors, randomly ordered on each visit:

Name Donating Since
Marisela Avila Fonsecaa October 2019
Paris Smithson January 2018
Alejandro Madero February 2018
Guillermo Vera Mora February 2018
María Asunción Yvern Miró November 2018
Ded Zile September 2019
Hector Riveroll August 2018
Patricia G Martinez August 2018
Claudia Mosco Rosas March 2019
Rosario Staines Alarcón December 2018
Florencia February 2019
Marta Chang Silvs March 2018
Wojciech Jan Plucinski April 2019
Paulina Garza February 2018
Wojciech Jan Plucinski February 2018
Donna Marie Carey January 2019
Maria Isabel Ochoa April 2018
Orfa Edith Martinez Guzman April 2018
Jorge Valles Morales February 2018
Elena Cristina Ochoa Villasenor February 2018
Robert Patzig February 2018
Nora Castaños Rocha February 2018
Carlos Madero February 2018